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REVIEWS : Prairie Dog Ballet

Roots Music Report
: Brenda Barbee - RMR Staff Reviewer

Attention jazz fans! Jim Pearce has done it again. He has put out another outstanding piece of jazz workmanship that will give you hours of rich listening entertainment. His newest CD, “Prairie Dog Ballet” gives you eleven original tunes and Pearce’s inimitable style supported by some other very talented musicians.

Jim is an extraordinarily talented musician and those skills are matched by his songwriting abilities. It is easy to see why he has earned many songwriting awards during his illustrious career. His stories and their imaginative lyrics create vivid images that one does not soon forget, or want to. And his piano riffs continue to play in your head long after his music stops.

All in all this is a wonderful piece of work by Pearce. And since he appears to continue to out do himself each time he comes out with a new CD, it leaves one anxious for his next production and pushing the replay button in the meantime.

, South African Jazz Website and Radio Show :
Eric Alan - Radio Host and Reviewer

Jim Pearce is someone new to me not having heard his work before this receiving a copy of this album. I was immediately intrigued because of the album title "Prairie Dog Ballet." It's kind of like walking into a book store when looking for a new book to read and seeing a cover and it attracts ones attention straight away, yes I believe one can judge a book by it's cover and the same I feel goes for a CD title, sometimes.

The title track opens the set listing on this CD and was taken it right away trying to imagine where and why "PRAIRIE DOG BALLET" what was Jim Pearce doing that caused him to think of such a title. It became a little clearer on hearing the second track "WHY I HAVEN'T GOT YOU," the quirky sense of humour, that's what. Jim Pearce reminds me somewhat of Bob Dorough and Dave Frishberg, you see. Fans of both will enjoy this CD along with Mr. Pearce's fine piano playing. "TUCKER SAMBA" is as the title suggests a pleasant little ditty that will get the feet tapping with it's easy Latin rhythm and some fine trumpet and saxophone playing.

There's a whole lot to enjoy on this album and more so if you enjoy some slightly quirky lyrics with some astute piano playing then one should consider this album for one's collection.

One Way Magazine

Jazz composer/pianist Jim Pearce has assembled an impressive canon of songs on Prarie Dog Ballet, showcasing his own creative composition prowess and dazzling technical gifts. The septet shines from the opening title track through the album’s closer, “One More Tomorrow.” He also delivers charming vocals on four tracks.



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